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17 August 2012 @ 02:09 pm
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Last Updated: 5th March 2013

Contains links to fic and icons. I'm hereby granting blanket permission for podfic, fanart, and translations of the fics on this list. Just let me know about them and link back to the story here. :)

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15 April 2013 @ 12:20 am has eaten me. URGH. See you all in May.
24 March 2013 @ 11:11 pm
And now I've reached the wordcount I set for myself at the next three months. Oops. Well, considering I'll hardly have any time to write in April, it's just as well. Okay, so. Let's try this again: 3 months - 11,550 words. 150/day except Thursdays.


March 25th: 147 (I feel ridiculous.)
March 26th: 1052
March 27th: 470
March 30th: 786
Magic Isn't the Answer to Everything
(on on AO3) | Gen | PG | 8,500 words | Deaging

Summary:--only to some things. In which Tony is deaged, the Avengers assemble to babysit, and magic may just trump science this one time.

Warnings, kinks and contents: deaging; Bruce is boring, Steve is a donut thief, Loki explains magic, Thor shareth his cape, Pepper is still the best, drapery!BroTP

A/N: Much thanks to obsessed_psyco for betaing. Any remaining mistakes are entirely on me. This story is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone.
Between a Rock and a Landslide
Derek/Stiles, aborted Scott/Stiles | NC-17 | 32,000] | What-if | Fuck or Die

Summary: The decision to work with Derek comes at a greater price than Scott and Stiles thought. And while they all pay for it dearly, it is Stiles who bears the brunt of it.

Warnings, kinks, and contents: trigger warnings for sexual assault (see end notes for more details and spoilers), werewolf instincts taking over, consent issues, fuck or die, sex pollen, cameras, humiliation, unhappiness, dissociation, panic attacks, Harris being a jackass/ableism, goes AU at 2.10 Fury

A/N: Many thanks to mithrel for betaing. Any remaining mistakes are mine.

As this goes AU after 2.10, I've taken a few liberties in regards to the things that happen in canon thereafter, i.e. they're happening just a bit differently. xD

Part I serves as a fill for the homebrewbingo square "violent and dark natures".

[Details on the noncon situations. Contains spoilers.]The (first) sexual assault is part of a fuck or die scenario where the only choice is to either have Stiles be eaten by werewolves, i.e. Derek and Scott, or be mated with once Derek and Scott turn feral. Neither Derek nor Stiles think of this as consensual sex and both are traumatized and feeling absolutely miserable. (Scott manages to partially escape these proceedings.) Add to that cameras being turned on them and this makes for a horrific experience all around. Focus is put on Stiles's feelings, with a fair amount of hints about Derek blaming himself.

Basically, I'd meant to write a dubcon sex!pollen oneshot and ended up with trauma longfic instead.

The second one is a mix of a nightmare and a memory: Gerard Argent/Stiles and Kate/Derek respectively.

It's fuck or die. Stiles is caught in the middle of werewolf pon farr.
05 March 2013 @ 08:26 pm
This Ain't a Bar
(on AO3) | Tony, Loki, (Thor) | PG | 5,000 words | Snowed In (trope)

Summary: --and I can't offer you a drink, but we do have some ice. Or: Tony and Loki are trapped in a cave during a snowstorm.

Warnings, kinks and contents: minor injury (for a god anyway), snowed in, Thor is devious, Jötunheimr is cold, Tony is predictable

A/N: Many, many thanks go to obsessed_psyco for betaing. Any remaining mistakes are entirely on me.

This is a fill for the tropebingo square "snowed in".
02 March 2013 @ 06:29 pm
Okay, so I've met the wordcount I set for myself at the beginning of the year, i.e. the number of words I wanted to have written by the end of March. This means I need a new goal, and I think I'm going to go with the same one. 3 months - 11,550 words.


March 3rd: 155
March 4th: 584
March 10th: 115
March 11th: 1484
March 12th: 1147
March 13th: 649
March 14th: 345
March 15th: 1097
March 16th: 981
March 17th: 1644
March 18th: 290
March 20th: 1568
March 21st: 780
March 23rd: 420
March 24th: 537
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This Bed, Thy Centre; These Walls, Thy Sphere
(on AO3) | John/Sherlock | Explicit | 1,200 words | exhibitionism

Summary: John and Sherlock greet the sun, and London. Mycroft is not there, and that may or may not be a good thing.

Warnings, kinks and contents: exhibitionism, light D/s, mention of Mycroft (I'll just mention that in case of incest squick. There's no incest, but his name is dropped during sex.)

A/N: Written for come_at_once, based on saki101's prompt "sunrise". Unbeta-ed. Any mistakes are entirely on me.
08 February 2013 @ 03:28 pm
Me: I'm 1,400 words into this fic about the trope 'snowed in' and we're not yet actually in the cave we will stay in while a snowstorm rages outside.
/doing short fics wrong
it's like writing porn
the set up is killing me

Me: also, the characters caught in the cave are tony stark and loki
so far I have 1k words of Tony and Thor talking in Tony's lab.
/doing it very wrong

Me: /eyes rest of hand written fic
I'm currently typing it up
I still have about 1/3 or so to go and tony hasn't yet met up with Loki in the handwritten part
So make that 2k of set up

So, anyway. My Sterek Longfic o' Doom is finally finished and off to be beta-ed. No new words for the Sherlock fic or the Tony/Loki dark!fic, but I'm some 2k into a gen trope bingo fill. Yay?
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So many AUs O_O;

But, but, but! There's "snowed in" and "mind control" and "amnesia" and "handcuffed together" and "fuck or die" AND AND AND YEAH. :D

Trope Bingo is hosted on Dreamwidth. Sign ups are open till the 15th of January. :D

in vino veritas / drunkficcurtainficanimal transformationimmortality / reincarnationau: steampunk
snowed inau: hooker / porn / stripperau: college / highschoolforced to marryfusion
au: neighborshandcuffed / bound togetherFREE

mind controlfuck or die
au: historicalwingfickidficfake relationshipamnesia
au: circusau: were / vamp / supernaturalkiss to save the dayau: all-humande-aged
02 January 2013 @ 10:58 pm
*coughs* Hi, guys.

I'm looking for a beta for a Derek/Stiles fic. Current word count is 28,000 words. Estimated word count is somewhere between 30k and 35k.

Contains/Triggers: sex pollen, non con, trauma recovery, panic attacks, werewolf!Stiles, angst. Focus is on Stiles dealing with the aftermath of the sex pollen. It's not really porny. Takes place during season 2. Pairing will be Derek/Stiles.

I'd like someone to take a look at SPaG and coherency/characterisation. Ameripicking would be cool, too, but if you can only do one out of these three, that's okay, too. <3

Turn around...I'm flexible. You can take your time. >_>

If any of you are interested, leave a comment. Comments are screened. :)

Thank you. ♥
15 December 2012 @ 07:06 pm

Copy That
(on AO3) | Sherlock/John | NC-17 | 18,600 words | Magical Realism | Shapeshifting | AU

Summary: Afghanistan changes a man, some more than others. In which John develops the ability to transform into any animate being he sees. [Includes: caracal!John, guinea pig!John, fly!John, mouse!John, Sherlock!John, and John!John.]

Warnings, kinks and contents: Remember when Sherlock drugged John in Hound? More along that theme. Also, (light) bondage, gags and sensory deprivation, and hints of D/s dynamic (predominantly of the Sherlock/John variety). Semi-selfcest (i.e. Sherlock/Sherlock!John). Sex in front of a mirror. Sex in a boat. Sex on a ship. This was supposed to be more gen than not. How did this happen, how. Also, a scene gone wrong and awkward.

A/N: Goes AU after Hound. (Well, actually, it goes AU one month before John is sent home.)
Many thanks go to
morganoconner and miyatenaka for word warring with me until all our fingers (and wrists and arms) were hurting,
a8c_sock for cheerleading and britpicking like a boss,
radioprotector2 and kalliel for the Russian phrases.anonbach for mysterious betaing and boats. ♥

All the love goes to chosenfire28 for the stunning art she created for this story. More can be found here. Please, take a look and comment!

Lastly, thank you, everyone who's put up with me whining whether it was about the fic not ending (no why, why) or John being a terrible fly even though he's not at fault. (I'm looking at you, februaryfour. ♥)

This fic serves as a fill for the homebrewbingo square "body modification".

On AO3

On LJ: Part 1 - Part 2

ETA: Camille Kaze illustrated the mirror scen and it is awesome. Take a look! :DDDDDD
29 November 2012 @ 07:37 pm
just not on Twitter or Tumblr and barely on LJ. I'll have something to say about spn 8x08 as soon as I've gotten a chance to watch it.

Also, I need an Avengers icon.